Swiss Rolls are made by rolling a thin sheet of sponge cake spread with jam into the log shape. It is commonly served in slices, like a spiral of cake layered with jam. The recipes vary from place to place and people to people. Some people like the whipped cream filling and some like chopped dried or fresh fruits in it. A chocolate filling is everyone’s favorite.

Swiss roll came from Switzerland?

No, it is not originated from Switzerland. The swiss rolls are believed to come from Central Europe. It is still unclear why swiss rolls were developed as there are many variations of these rolls. The earliest recipe of swiss rolls spread with jelly was in the Northern Farmer, a journal published in December 1852, in Utica, in NY.
The traditions and preparation of the Swiss Roll were different in each country. These countries include Sweden, United States, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.

What is so special about Temptation Cakes, “Swiss Roll”?

Our Swiss Rolls is a soft and fluffy texture, just like a rolled-up towel. These Swiss Roll are available with flavors such as Kaya, Orange, Strawberry, Coffee, Mango, Green Tea, Red Velvet, and Chocolate. The filling of swiss rolls is 100% fresh. Apart from creamy or buttery fillings, there is a variety of fillings with multiple flavors. We also offer gluten-free cake. People love our coffee precious swiss roll and rainbow swiss roll.
If you love swiss roll cakes – then you’re going to love our fudgy chocolate. It’sIt’s a soft chocolate sponge cake that’s filled with extra marshmallow fluffy frosting and covered in chocolate glaze.
A bite into the satisfying chocolatey sensation and made with creamy buttercream, this freshly made roll is enough to come over here again and again.

Special Note for Customers

Due to the overwhelming demand of swiss roll, please place your swiss roll orders three days in advance.
Swiss Roll will last for up to three days in the fridge and a week in the freezer.
We also provide assorted mini swiss rolls for unique festivals.