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The Sugee Cake, a Singapore Eurasian heritage
Sugee, is also known as, is a type of granulated wheat commonly used in both sweet and savory dishes. The Sugee Cake originates during colonial times from the Malay Peninsula, and it is like a nutty, semolina-rich dessert. These cakes are liked in the Eurasian communities in Malaysia and Singapore through laughter and tears.
This cake has great significance in Eurasian families during any momentous occasion of life like weddings, graduation, birthdays, anniversaries, and not to forget funerals as well.

What makes temptations sugee cake better than others?
At Temptations, we prepare the sugee cake over a two-day process with a deep respect for its traditional place at celebrations: Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and every other occasion. By mixing soil-like blended toasted semolina flour and rich, a special butter, aged overnight, then mix it with fresh organic eggs and we do not use brandy. After that, a chopped and roasted almond added to the mixture. We bake these sugee cakes in an oven at low heat so the flavors can arouse. The inner layer of the cake was made with marzipan (a white or sweet yellow paste of ground almonds, eggs white, and sugar.) The ingredients we use are 100% natural, and as far as possible, we try to source such items that are not processed. Customer’s health is our priority. We take pre-orders for your event. These cakes can be made even with fondant by customizing size and design.

What makes the sugee cake unique?
The cake texture is soft, moist, spongy, rich with the light crunch of roasted almonds. Its uniqueness is that it’s just made from Semolina, which gives it a simplicity whereas other cakes are made with an excessive amount of ingredients with a lot of unusual toppings. This cake is as delicious as it smooth and soft. Satisfy your sweet cravings with us!

Why do sugee cakes need to be pre-ordered?
Because we require time to prepare it, to give it a perfectly moist and soft texture, these cakes require intensive preparation methods and careful mixing of ingredients to achieve the desired taste.
If you’re looking for a cake at any celebration with family, office or friends, then it’s the best choice for you.

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