Rainbow Cake | A cake for every occasion

The customers love rainbow cakes as it’s delicious and pretty. Rainbow cake has 7 layers, and each has different flavors like rainbow colors. Every layer has a different taste. These are quite expensive than other cakes because of varying flavors and textures.
Somewhere over the rainbow… It is a marvelous Rainbow Cake! This multi-colored, moist sponge layers and lightly whipped white frosting cake is no illusion. Perfect for celebrations and parties, available in all sizes, and comes with plain white or colorful frosting. Topping and frosting can be of your choice

Why our Rainbow Cake is the best?

Rainbow Cake is one the most selling at the temptation cakes till now. Our cake is moist and dense. Each layer of the is cake neatly stacked, and by using fruit extracts, we give a bright hue coloring to each layer. We don’t use artificial colors. The layers of cake are enrobed with a thick layer of white cream cheese frosting. The mesmerizing colors of the rainbow cake will be the limelight of every party.
When you place an order rainbow cake at the Temptation Cakes, it’s not just dessert you’re getting, and you’re getting our unique product that is created with years of experimenting and love, hoping we will be able to make your day special.

Care Information:

1. When the cake arrives, they need to be deal with care as they are not cut right away. The fondant and cream need an appropriate temperature, so it should be kept in cooled condition or the icebox not getting ruined.
2. To enjoy the taste of the cake and freshness, consume it within 24 hours.
3. The Rainbow Cake tastes best at room temperature, so take it out of the fridge 20 mins before serving.