Are you a fan of cookies and cream?

Our Oreo cheese cake is all about cookies and cream frosting. Oreo cookies have been around for decades. In 1912, Oreo sandwich cookies were introduced in America and become the most popular cookies. It consists of two brown chocolate cookies filled with sweet white cream.

Why our Oreo cake is so famous?

Our Oreo Cake is one of our most popular flavors. At temptations, we make the base of moist vanilla cake and loaded it with lots of crushed Oreo cookies. We bake it, and the Oreo softens to a cake-like texture. The cake batter is not that thick, but Oreo cookies spread finely over it. We then trim with Oreo cookie crumbs on the sides, the filling between the layers of cake is an Oreo cream, and it is covered in vanilla buttercream frosting. We topped it with an Oreo buttercream and glazed with chocolate ganache. For the topping, we put Oreo cookies over it.
This delicious cake is baked fresh by Temptation Cakes when you visit our shop or order online. Our cakes are made with careful measurements and lots of love so that your favorite cake will always taste as fantastic as last remembered it.

Fun Fact about Oreo Cookies:

According to a Connecticut College Study in New London, Oreos activates the pleasure receptors in the brain.
Three days advance notice is required for all orders.
With the help of our talented Cake decorators, we will make your occasion more special with a perfect cake. Whatever the event, let us be a part of it, and we will create the centerpiece of your special day.