The winter holidays, in specific, are celebrated many times with a sweet treat that some people hate and some people love. Any guesses? Of course! We are talking about Fruitcakes.

What is the story behind the fruit cake?

It started during Roman times when fruitcakes included pomegranate seeds. Spices, honey, and preserved fruits were added during the Middle Ages. There are many different versions all over the world, such as in Germany, Fruitcake is called stollen (in which cake was powdered with sugar on the top. In Italy, it is known as panforte or panettone. Whereas Bulgarian and polish people called it keks. The fruitcakes are not a treat for kids because these are made with a lot of rum, the fruits added to it, also soaked in rum months before baking. In Vietnam, people called it “banh bo mut” and people made it, especially on Lunar New Year.

Fruit Cake at Temptation cakes:

Fruitcakes are wedding and holiday cakes which have a very heavy fruit content. We prepare fruit cakes in a lot of rum with a dense combination of fruits, nuts enough rich cake to hold them together.
Our fruitcakes are hand made with the highest quality all-natural dried fruits and nuts, using top-quality bourbon, rum, and brandy that puts these cakes into the next level. We take good care of the customer by providing them the most delightful taste of nostalgia.

Types of Fruit Cakes we prepared:

• Bourbon Fruitcake
• Brandied Fruitcake
• NUT-FREE Bourbon Fruitcake
• Sugar-Free Fruitcake – with or without NUTS
• Triple Bourbon Fruitcake
• Apple Cider Fruitcake
• Spirited Cake Sampler
• Cake Sampler Duo

Buying a fruit cake remember few things:

What type of fruits or nuts do you want in your Fruitcake?
Do you want it any topping or just a plain fruitcake?
Do you want an alcoholic or non- alcoholic fruitcake?