1) How to choose Durian Cake?

People usually choose Durian Cake based on design that pleases the eyes and taste buds as well. A good durian cake usually includes real durian meat. The durian meat used has to have a premium and strong taste. It is worth the money paid for these premium durian cakes.

2) What makes the best Durian Cake?

The best durian cake is usually based on the taste and texture of the cake. Premium durian meat is used, retaining its strong and unique flavor when filled between vanilla cake, fused with cream & custard, giving it the creamy and soft ice cream-like texture.

3) What makes Temptations one of the best durian cake choice?

In Temptations, we used high quality ingredients for our durian cake. We used premium pure durian meat fused with traditional & high quality custard cream, giving it the creamy, soft ice cream-like texture. Soft and fluffy sponge cake layered in between the filling. No artificial essence is used in our cake. We give generous amount of durian custard cream filling, so people can enjoy eating our ice cream-like texture cake. Our cake design is also simple and the color of the cream cover follows the durian meat as close as possible. Price affordability and many size options are available to cater the needs of our customers, be it for family gathering or corporate events.