1) How to choose Chocolate Mousse Cake?

Chocolate mousse cake is a soft, creamy, chocolate ice cream-like cake. People choose chocolate mousse cake based on the design and the pure chocolaty taste. For intense chocolaty taste, high quality couverture dark chocolate is usually used. The design of the cake is usually the simple, classic, clean cut look.

2) What makes the best Chocolate Mousse Cake?

The best chocolate mousse cake depends on the ingredients and the method used. High quality couverture dark chocolate is mixed with medium peak whipped cream to create the light, airy and smooth texture. This also give the creamy, mouth watering and almost firm consistency to keep its shape and holds the weight of layers of thin, soft chocolate sponge and filling.

3) What makes Temptations one of the best Chocolate Etoile Mousse Cake?

Chocolate Etoile Mousse Cake is our signature chocolate cake in the shop that is available all day long. You can buy it over the counter with our standard design for simple occasions. Our Etoile Mousse Cake is available in different sizes to meet the needs of our customers depending on several occasions. It can also be customized with edible print. With intense chocolate mousse cream and layers of thin, soft chocolate sponge, covered with our own bittersweet chocolate ganache, it is always a popular and favorite option for our new and old customers. The ingredients used for our mousse cake are all high quality products, from the couverture dark chocolate, whipped cream, chocolate sponge and chocolate ganache. This give the creamy, soft, light ice cream-like texture and smooth consistency.

4) Comments and Suggestions

Customers are usually satisfied with our Chocolate Etoile Mousse Cake.
Some commented that our mousse cake is a little bit sweet for their taste but usually will come back for more.

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