Why is a birthday cake important?

A birthday is incomplete without a cake. Birthday cakes are one of the most important when organizing any birthday party for your kid, friend, or loved ones. It doesn’t even matter if you are a kid or an adult, you would always be happy to have a cake around on birthday.

Why choose Temptations cake for your birthday?

Cake art in Singapore has certainly been taken to another level. A customized cake can be made in any design, whether it is Princess Elsa’s, a large car, or Ben 10. Any character or any design can be made according to the customer’s needs. We make these designs with fondant and also with fresh cream whatever you choose. Customized cakes make all celebrations even sweeter; head to Temptations cakes where you’ll find specially handcrafted cakes at affordable prices — specializing in creating all types of cakes in different designs and sizes. Well, a birthday is a unique event for everyone, and we make it more special for you.

How to choose a perfect birthday cake?

It is an easy task to choose a perfect birthday cake, but still, there are a few considerations that can help you decide.

Matching the cake with the party theme

If you have decided to organize the birthday according to a theme, then make sure that your cake match that theme and decor. E.g., a jungle theme birthday party of kid goes with a cake decorated with lions, elephants and other animals is a perfect match.


The size of the cake is essential, so before ordering the cake, make sure you should know how many people you are going to feed.

Select the Flavor

For kid’s birthday party, chocolate is always the hot favourite
Check out our website for many other cakes flavours.