Best Durian Cake Singapore & Best Chocolate Cakes In Singapore

For all you chocolate lovers out there, you’ll love our Signature Chocolate Etoile as it is by far, one of the best chocolate cakes in Singapore! For durian lovers, don’t miss our Premium Durian Cake – being voted as “10 Best Durian Cakes in Singapore“.

What's Special About Our Chocolate Mousse Cake?

Our signature Chocolate Etoile is our premium chocolate cake which has been a classic favourite amongst many loyal fans of our heritage cake shop in Singapore. Layers of velvety bittersweet Belgium chocolate mousse fills this best chocolate cake amidst layers of light chocolate sponge cake. Each chocolate cake is richly coated with a sophisticated chocolate ganache, embellished with crunchy nuts and golden chocolate flakes.

What's Special About Our Durian Cake in Singapore?

Our premium Durian Cake has been voted Best Durian Cake in Singapore. Uniquely created with a special blend of premium ingredients, our durian cake is a real treat for all durian (The King Of Fruit) lovers.