Temptations Cakes is a legacy home grown bakery, helmed by
experienced chef and baker Jeffrey Galistan, with his dedicated team
of bakers. Never forgetting the faithful and loyal group of customers, among the
older generations,ever since its inception in 1985.













Life’s greatest inspirations come to us unwittingly in moments that we least expect it. And that is how Temptations, a homegrown brand with classic French inspired heritage, started in 1985 – a moment of inspiration by Chef Galistan. Armed with years of baking training in Paris, Ecuador and Oman, he combines his Parisian flair with local subtleties creating French-inspired classic l’artisan cakes and pastries, which became instant hits with customers who deliberately travel for the freshly baked treats.

As a passionate baker, Chef Galistan engages in constant innovation and creation and this explains his repertoire of over 300 recipes till date, including Temptation’s signature Chocolate Etoile mousse cake, highly sought after by astute cake connoisseurs. Our Etoile mousse cake has since transcended generations, satisfying the sweet tooth of many dessert lovers, those who enjoy the finer things in life and especially so for Singaporeans who grew up with Temptations. These fond memories and strong emotional attachment to our brand never fail to bring them back to us each time a celebration is underway.


Apart from this perennial favourite, we regularly launch new flavours to titillate the taste buds of our discerning customers. Over these years, we have built an impressive and innovative selection of baked treats that will be served on rotational basis to delight our customers. We also pride ourselves as one of the few cake connoisseurs in Singapore offering high levels of cake customisation for your joyous occasions. We are able to create your dream cake, just the way you imagined it to be! Our heritage of more than 30 years is a testament to our product and service excellence and most importantly our satisfied customers.

Today, Temptations continues to be guided by its original founders - skilfully bridging the old and the new so that the company is now perfectly poised to reclaim its premier positioning amongst cake connoisseurs while preserving the cherished memories of yesteryear that made Temptations' cakes so unique and well-loved. There’s always something for everyone at Temptations, let us celebrate your next special event (be it a birthday party, baby's first month, wedding, christmas, you name it!) and create lovely memories with you.







Master Chef Jeff is a very unassuming man who developed and perfected his craft in Paris. His understanding of local culinary subtleties, and baking experience in Orman, Ecuador and Paris, has led him to places where few chefs dare to tread. He prides himself on having the best-kept recipe of exquisite French pastries that captures the imagination of local tongues











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